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JM Diamond Eye 150g

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The brand new Diamond Eye Jig adds to the very popular range of lures from the team at Jigging Master.  its unique shape consists of an eight sided diamond shape on the back side of the jig to reflect light from all angles. The Diamond eye is a compact centre balanced jig that has a faster sink rate than most other Slow Pitch jigs to enable easier use in strong current or when the wind is high. The Diamond eye Jig will respond to a slow pitch or high pitch retreive well. When worked fast the jig has an excellent sliding action from side to side making it ideal for targeting Dogtooth Tuna, Kingfish, Amberjack, Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna. When worked slow the Diamond eye has an erattic falling action that is deadly on temperate dermersal species such as Snapper, Dhufish, Jewfish, and Pearl Perch. When in the tropics targeting coral reef species such as Coral Trout, Red Bass and Emperors the Diamond Eye Jig is extremely effective.
Type Slow Style Jig
Weight (grams) 150g
Length (mm) 125mm
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