Accurate BX500XN- Sil/Blue with Clicker

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The Accurate Boss Extreme reels are at the pinnacle of jigging reels. Fish Head is proud to offer these fantastic reels to Australian anglers, searching for the best in jigging tackle.

Accurates exclusive TwinDrag system supplies ultra-smooth drag operation, which results in fewer broken lines and less pulled hooks on monster fish. Equipped with a longer 95mm handle for extra cranking power, the BX reels will run a smooth working drag of 15kg+ on all models running red hot all day making them a serious big fish fighting reel.

Internally the BX reels features Accurates trademark super tough straight cut gears and have recently added dual seals on the anti reverse bearing to increase durability in harsh conditions. 400 and 500 size reels have larger drag levers for easier application of drag in the heat of battle. For simplicity and angler comfort when jigging, cast control has been removed from the left hand side plate. If you are after a strong reliable reel look no further than the Boss Extreme range of reels.

Model Available Ratio Weight Drag Capacity
BX500XN 6:1 610 15kg Strike Drag PE 5 - 350m
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