ASWB F-40 Bungarra Floating Stickbait

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F-40 Bungarra Floating Stickbait by ASWB

The F40 is a small floating stickbait, at only 40 grams and 150mm long it's going to be absolutely dynamite on the coral flats. It has a very easy to work action and when swept will have a nice lazy roll, a great target for those reef predators hunting for an easy meal. As well as the reef the F40 will work great when chasing all your favourite tuna species in the open water. Also big tailor, Australian salmon and small king fish will climb all over this versatile stickbait.

Type: Floating stickbait

Length: 150mm

Weight: 40g

Treble Hooks: BKK Raptor Z Treble Hook (BKK 094575) (2/0) or Decoy Y-S22 Treble (Decoy 400364) (3/0)

Single Hooks: Shout Ringed Kudako (Shout 077841) (3/0) or Decoy Jigging Single Sergent 'N' JS-1 (Decoy 808221) (#4/0)

Split Rings: CB One Max Power Ring EXH (CB One 887038) (#6) or Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811269) (6) 


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