ASWB F1-130 Bungarra Abalone

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ASWB F130 Bungarra Floating Stickbait

The F130 Bungarra is an outstanding design from ASWB. The big flat sides sends flashes in all directions to call monsters to the surface. The swimming action is a lazy dart with a nice amount of body roll. The F130 Bungarra floats nose up when stationary and on a constant retrieve will swim one foot under the surface, making it a great choice for a variety of conditions.  All ASWB lures are hand crafted, Australian designs computer modeled and saltwater tested to make sure every lure will swim perfectly every time. Stainless steel components and 350lb belly swivels top off the package. 

The abalone finish from ASWB is a thing of beauty with each piece coated in real abalone shell, every one they produce is a unique work of art and will look equally good on the mantle piece as it will in a fishes mouth.

These lures have been proven all over the world and are ideal for big predators such as GT, Tuna, Kingfish, amberjack and mackerel!

Good hook combinations for this lure Include: Trebles - 5/0 BKK GT Rex, 6/0 Decoy Y-S23, 6/0 GT Recorder. Singles like Shout Kudako 7/0-8/0 also work great.

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 210mm

Weight: 130g

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