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ASWB SS-65 Slow Sinking Stickbait

The ASWB SS-65 Stickbaits are constructed of wood and shaped to give this lure an incredible action. All ASWB lures are hand crafted, Australian designs computer modeled and saltwater tested to make sure every lure will swim perfectly every time. Stainless steel components and 300lb belly swivels top off the package. The SS-65 is a small slow sinking stickbait perfect for rougher water conditions. The sinking lure carries has a little extra internal weight which helps with casting into a headwind. Available in a host of different colours these are sure to be a big hit on many species such as Kingfish, GTs, Red Bass and Coral trout!

This lure would suite BKK Raptor Z trebles in 3/0 and Decoy YS-22 in 4/0 also single hooks to couple with this lure would be Bkk Lone Diablo or Shout Kudako in size 5/0

 Lure Style: Sinking Stickbait

Length: 170mm

Weight: 65g

Treble Hooks: BKK Raptor Z Treble (BKK 094643) (3/0 or Shout Curve Point Treble 31 (Shout 071566) (3/0)

Single Hooks: BKK DEEP Jigging Single (BKK 092605) (10/0) or Shout Kudako Hook (Shout 087505) (5/0)

Splir Rings: Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811283) (8)



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