ASWB SS-90 II Abalone Slow Sinking Stickbait

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SS-90 II Abalone Shell Slow Sinking Stickbait by ASWB

The ASWB stickbaits have been making a stir world wide with some great captures consolidating themselves in the market with both unique designs and quality finish. All ASWB lures are hand crafted, Australian designs computer modelled and saltwater tested to make sure every lure will swim perfectly every time. Stainless steel components and 350lb belly swivels top off the package. The SS-90 is a smaller slow sinking model perfect for rougher water conditions. The extra weight of the sinking version helps with casting into a headwind. Available in a host of different colours these are sure to be a big hit on many species such as Kingfish, GTs, Red Bass and Coral trout!

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Length: 170mm

Weight: 90g

Treble Hooks: Decoy Y-S22 Treble (Decoy 400371) (4/0) or Shout Treble Straight Point 33 (Shout 312874) (3/0)

Single Hooks: Decoy Cutlass Jigging Single JS-2 (Decoy 809785) (7/0) or BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090799) (5/0)

Split Rings: CB One Max Power Ring EXH (CB One 806533) (#8) or Nature Boys Fishing Fighters HT Split Ring (Nature Boys 331458) (#8)

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