Carpenter Monster Hunter 79XH

$1,362.73 (Ex. GST)

The Monster Hunter 79XH is the heavier of the two rods in the series. A shorter more powerful rod than the MH80H the 79XH is a serious PE#10 popping rod. Featuring a stiffer tip and a slightly faster action the 79XH is right at home throwing poppers up to and slightly beyond 200g. It is also capable of casting some of the largest stickbaits in the 200g+ range. This is a fantastic rod to have in the arsenal on any big GT hunting expedition! With the massive lifting power in the butt, it is a great rod for locations where the angler has no choice but screw the drag down and try to bully a big fish off the reef.

Length 7'9"
Weight 415g
Line Weight PE#8-10
Cast Weight Max 300g
Sections Butt Joint
Packed Length 167cm
Additional Info

Additional Info

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