CB One Blue Water Plugg'n VFR7410SPC

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Blue Water Plugg'n VFR7410SPC by CB One

The VFR7410SPC in the Blue Water Plugg'n series in designed for casting small lures at medium to large fish. It has a springy elastic tip allowing the angler to cast lures in the 40-80g range but then ramps up through the mid section to a nice powerful butt giving you control over large fish during a fight. Perfect for when fish like kingfish and larger tuna are feeding on small baitfish.

This rod is also a great option if you like a softer tip rod fishing reef flats. It gives you the ability to throw smaller lures but still having quite heavy line.


Length: 7'4"

Weight: 295g

Line Weight: PE# 4-5

Cast Weight: Max 80g

Sections: Butt Join

Butt Length: 64cm

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Additional Info