CB ONE OZMA HW 14cm Sinking Pencil

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OZMA HW 14cm 68g long casting sinking stickbait by CB One

A high-strength sinking plug for targeting Tuna, Mackerel, Kingfish, Trevally etc. that follow the bait to the surface layer and feed. After landing near schooled bait, the OZMA will sink with a horizontal forward fall action to imitate an injured bait fish separating from the school. Robust ABS resin body & through wire give this lure excellent strength to withstand long fights. The slim profile has less air resistance which translates into overwhelming casting distance. Particularly in the situation where the target species are eating densely schooled bait, the result is high.

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Length: 140mm

Weight: 68g


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Additional Info

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