CB One Rodeo 185

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CB One Rodeo 185 Floating Stickbait

CB One stickbaits are beautifully hand-made lures from Japan. The foil finish and natural paint jobs are second to none.

The buoyant front of the Rodeo keeps the nose up at rest and allows for a more lively flickering action, compared to other stickbaits. When swept through the water, the lure dives and darts quickly and rises back to the surface rapidly. This allows for faster retrieves with little or no pause between sweeps. This has been shown to be particularly effective on larger more wary fish as well as in calm and clear situations.

Just the thing for chasing finicky kingfish or tuna!

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 185mm

Weight: 65g

Recommended Rings: #7 or #8

Recommended Hooks: 4/0 Shout Curve Point, 4/0 BKK Raptor

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