Duo Rough Trail Aomasa 188F

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Rough Trail Aomasa was put to life through the integration of DUO’s world class injection molding technology and the know-how from the most respected local anglers Jerremy Akiyama (Amakusa) and Masashi Matsumoto (Hirado).

Its weight settings, through wire design, interior rib structure and its unique body design give the lure an easily attainable action and excellent durability.

The Roughtrail Aomasa lures work very well with a range of actions such as a 'S" swimming motion, walk the dog or skipping action. The Roughtrail Aomasa 188F is an exellent lure for targeting large pelegic species such as Tuna, Kingfish, Giant Trevally and Spanish Mackerel. It is equally effective when cast along reef edges for Coral Trout and Red Bass.

Type Floating Stickbait
Length (mm) 188mm
Weight (g) 68g


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