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FCL Labo SPP 110

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FCL Labo SPP 110 Sinking/Swimming popper

The SPP 110 is a smaller version of the successful FCL Labo SPP GT swimming poppers. This model keeps the same shape as its larger brethren, however it is a sinking lure.

Steady winding this lure through the water creates a lazy tail-waggling action. shorter sharper twitches makes the lure dart side to side. Pulled fast across the top, the SPP will pop and drag a nice bubble trail, while on the pause it sinks with a seductive wiggle.

This lure is a great choice for smaller pelagic species like kingfish, trevally and tuna that are feasting on deep bodied baitfish like herring, yellowtail or leatherjackets. It is also deadly across the coral flats hunting trout, emperors and other reef critters. 

The weight and compact shape of this lure means it casts very well and can also handle windy conditions. This is a fantastic light tackle lure in any kit!

Like all FCL lures, it is hand-made from durable resins with molded full wire, to handle abuse from all kinds of aggro fish!


Type: Sinking/Swimming Popper

Length: 110mm

Weight: 60g

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