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FCL Labo SPPslim 140

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FCL Labo SPP 140 Slim swimming popper

The FCL Labo SPPslim 140 is the new slim version of the very popular SPP 140 swimming popper. The slimmer design gives the lure a more aggressive swimming action and greater hook exposure which increases your hook up rate.  This differs to most other poppers in that it is designed to swim sub surface. On the initial rip it will bloop and drag a bubble trail underwater, if the movement is continued the lure will swim and wiggle sub surface like a minnow. This type of lure is great in rough conditions as the sub surface action will see a rise in hook up rates whilst still getting the thrill of a surface strike. 

Type Swimming Popper
Length (mm) 190mm
Weight (grams) 140g


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