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Fish Tornado Uncle KOZ 155g Floating Popper

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Uncle KOZ 155g Floating Blooping Popper by Fish Tornado

Kozo Okubo "Uncle KOZ" is a world renowned angler from Japan who has been designing fishing rods and lures to tackle the worlds largest predators.

The Uncle KOZ Popper has been designed with record GT in mind! A big fish lure that causes big commotion in the hope of attracting the largest GT in the area. The large deep cup face catches and displaces an incredible amount of water creating a huge bloop and bubble trail, exactly what's required when chasing trophy sized fish in deep water.

as well as GT the Uncle KOZ Popper has been catching XOS yellowfin and bluefin tuna.

Type: Floating Popper

Length: 190mm

Weight: 155g

Treble Hooks: Decoy Y-S23 Barbed Treble (Decoy 310021) (Decoy Y-S23 7/0 Barbed) or Gamakatsu Treble 24 GT Recorder (Gamakatsu 436551) (#6/0)

Single Hooks: BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090836) (13/0)

Split Rings: Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811313) (11)

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Additional Info

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