Glide 90 Popper

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The lures produced by Glide are arguably the strongest available on the market today. All models are made of composite material, as a surfboard, with a lightweight core material, and an outer reinforced with matrix resin and fibers (glass, carbon, kevlar, titanium hybrid). The lamination of reinforcement provides unrivaled resistance, the interior materials give incredible buoyancy, and a reactive lifelike action to the lures.

The Glide 90 Popper is a great all rounder. 160mm long and weighing in at 100g the Glide 90 Popper has a big presence in the water for its size. Fitted with a strong 1.8mm wire this popper is built tough making it ideal for targeting big GTs, Red Bass, Coral Trout, Tuna, Mackerel and Kingfish.

The Glide 90 Popper is a great all day popper that has been consistantly catching fish all across the world. An excellent addition to any topwater fishermans kit!!!

Length (mm) 160mm
Weight (grams) 100g
Wire (mm) 1.8mm




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