Jignesis Rolling Jig 260g

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Jignesis 260g Rolling Jig is ideal for slow pitch and long fall jigging.

The Jignesis Rolling jig has been designed for slow pitch and long fall jigging but it is deadly on a high pitch retrieve also. The wide centre balanced design enables the jig to hang and flutter on the pause to entice a bite. The thin head design creates a sharper response which give the jig a lively darting action when jerked. This style of jig is very effective on a large amount of species such as Kingfish, Dogtooth, Trevally and demersal/reef species such as Snapper, Jewfish, Coral Trout, Emperors and Red Bass.

Available in a great range of sizes and colours to suit all situations.


Type: Slow Style Jig

Length: 147mm

Weight: 260g

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