Jignesis X-Fighting OH

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X-Fighting rods are excellent all purpose range of jigging rods from Taiwanese brand Jignesis. The X-Fighting range of rods are built on Jignesis Mighty Cross Blanks which posses excellent lifting capaility making them ideal for targeting kingfish, amberjack and samsonfish with a high pitch retreive. The blanks have a progressive taper making them very comfortable when hooked up. With an excellent build quality using all fuji components the X-Fighting rods are excellent value for money and a worthy addition to any jig fishermans kit. 

Blank Test: 

  • XFB-B55ML- 15kg @45 degrees
  • XFB-B53M- 18kg @45 degrees
  • XFB-B52MH- 24kg @45 degrees
  • XFB-B50H- 28kg @45 degrees
Model Length Weight Line Weight Jig Weight Sections Packed Length Butt Length Colour
XFB-B55ML 5'5" (165cm) 205g PE# 1.5-3 100-200g 1 Piece 165cm 66cm Red
XFB-B53M 5'3" (160cm) 205g PE# 2-4 160-260g 1 Piece 160cm 67cm Blue
XFB-B52MH 5'2" (158cm) 250g PE# 3-6 260-380g 1 Piece 158cm 70cm Yellow
XFB-B50H 50" (153cm) 305g PE# 4-8 320-520g 1Piece 153cm 71cm Purple



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