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Mangrove Studio Volador 110LD- Long Distance

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The Mangrove Studio Volador 110 Long Distance is an excellent stickbait for Longtail Tuna.

Mangrove Studio Volador 110LD is a small long casting wooden stickbait that perfectly imitates a dying baitfish. It will flutter on on sink and swim with a enticing action that produces lots of flash to attract attention. The lures strong action can be felt through the tip of your rod as you sweep. The Volador 110LD casts extremely far due to the extra weight in the lure. This also enables the angler to fish a higher line class when species like Tuna, Kingfish, Trevallies, Emperors are feeding on small bait. The strong wiring fitted to these little lures makes them ideal for casting at big fish when they are feeding on small bait and will not eat a bigger lure.


Type: Long Casting Stickbait

Length: 110mm

Weight: 45g

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