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MB Customs 120g Moses Popper

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MB Customs Moses Poppers are made with solid resin- a product that, unlike wood, resists water absorbtion and won’t sink after a few fish. Being handmade in a variety of sizes (165mm-120g & 180mm-150g) and with an array of colours to suit all conditions.

Constructed with a 316 grade stainless steel through wire that has been load tested to +100kg and are coated with thick brushed on epoxy (Not thin spray clear) for maximum durability. 

The Moses Popper has undergone extensive testing to get the balance just right. The popper is weighted toward the tail to increase casting distance and the 46mm cup produces a deep blooping sound and splash to call fish up from the deep. If you are after a extremely durable popper that is a proven fish catcher than the Moses is the lure for you.

Recommended hook size: 5/0 trebles and 9/0 singles size 10  250lb split rings

Type Floating Popper
Length (mm) 165mm
Weight (grams) 120g


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