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MB Customs PK Erratic 114-33

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MB Custom lures are made with solid resin- a product that, unlike wood, resists water absorbtion and won’t sink after a few fish. Being handmade in a variety of sizes and colours there is always a MB Customs lure to suit the conditions.

Constructed with a 316 grade stainless steel through wire that has been load tested to +100kg and are coated with thick brushed on epoxy (Not thin spray clear) for maximum durability. 

This PK Erratic stickbait performs in even the roughest conditions just below the surface so the fish strike is still visible. Swims with a variety of retrieves from twitching to sweeping and straight winding.  Lure has a huge amount of action for very little rod input really good for keeping lure in the strike zone. Can also be sunk (.3m per second) and slow retrieved under structure or near fish holding structure.

Type Slow Sinking Stickbait
Length (mm) 114mm
Weight (grams) 33g


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