Melon Ya TWZ 130F

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 TWZ 130F Floating Stickbait by Melon-Ya

The smallest size in the popular TWZ range of stickbaits from Melon-Ya is a must have for the collection if you are chasing big tailor, a range of tuna, Australian salmon or queenfish and will also be a killer option when fishing shallow reef flats. 

 The TWZ 130 is a versatile stickbait and can be worked a number of different way for a large range of species. Swept steadily it gets a nice lazy roll and wiggle but when given a more aggressive rip it has a much more erratic darting action. The TWZ will also get a nice chopping walk the dog action when twitched perfect to entice fish back after a missed strike.

Type: Floating Stick Bait 

Length: 130mm

Weight: 32g

Treble Hooks:  BKK Raptor Z Treble (BKK 094599) (1) or Decoy Y-S21 Treble (Decoy 809600) (1/0)

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