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Nature Boys Umigarasu 120S

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The Umigarasu 120S is a horizontal falling stick bait from Nature Boys has been designed for a slow flutter on the drop to entice fish into biting. The lure will swim with a tight 'S' action when worked through the water and will flutter on the drop. Weighing in at 45g it is an excellent lure to cast long distances to flighty fish such as Tuna. Designed for targeting Tuna but the Umigarisu 120S is also a excellent lure for casting coral reef flats  for species such as Emperors and Coral Trout.


Type: Sinking Stickbait

Length: 120mm

Weight: 45g


*** Please note this lure has super strong laser cut plate wiring which has hard edges. Because of this a split/solid ring attachment to your leader is required.


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