Nomad Offshore Spin Spinning Rods

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Offshore Spin Casting Rods by Nomad Design

The Offshore Spin range that nomad have produced has something for all facets of off shore casting. from soft plastic and vibration baits to small to medium stick baits and poppers to casting for GT's with larger lures up to 150g.


The PE2-4 model is a great choice for soft plastics and vibes chasing big snapper, coral trout or small kingfish. It is also right at home when casting small stickbaits over the flats or at longtail tuna, spotty mackerel and queenfish.

Length: 7'4" (223cm)

Weight: 230g

Line Weight: 20-50lb

Cast Weight: 20-65g 

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 165cm

Butt Length: 67cm



The PE 4-6 model is excellent for casting stickbaits and poppers over the reef flats for bigger coral trout and emperor species. It is also great for casting at kingfish, smaller GT and Spanish mackerel on the reefs edge as well as busting up tuna and mahi mahi out in the deeper water.

Length: 7'8" (233cm)

Weight: 350g

Line Weight: 40-60lb

Cast Weight: 40-100g 

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 165cm

Butt Length: 77cm



The PE 5-8 model is a great stickbait rod for big predators like tuna, GT, Kingfish and Spanish mackerel. Casting and working stickbaits up to 140g grams and popper to about 80g making it a great all round off shore rod for pelagics and XOS reefies.

Length: 8'3" (251cm)

Weight: 380g

Line Weight: 50-80lb

Cast Weight: 55-140g 

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 182cm

Butt Length: 77cm




The PE 8-10 is the biggest in the range and is built for tackling large GT, casting and working stick baits up to 150g and poppers to 130g. The tip of the rod is not overly stiff which is excellent for angler comfort but is suited to a longer steady stroke rather than a short aggressive rip when working poppers. As well as GT it's great for casting larger lures at big tuna, kingfish and Spanish mackerel. It is rated PE 8-10 but with its moderate action we think PE 6 would also match up nicely.

Length: 7'8" (233cm)

Weight: 390g

Line Weight: 80- 100lb

Cast Weight: 80-150g 

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 162cm

Butt Length: 77cm

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