Nomad Streaker 120g Metal Jig

$15.41 (Ex. GST)
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Streaker 120g High Pitch Long Metal Jig by Nomad Design

The Streaker is a long jig designed to sink quickly in high current and deep water then worked with speed through the water column targeting mid water dwellers like kingfish, trevally, mackerel, amberjack and tuna.

This jig has a round front and a flat back giving it a good erratic darting action on the retrieve sending fish into a frenzy. all sizes in the streaker range are great value for money coming pre-rigged with super strong single assist hooks from BKK.

The 120g Streaker is perfect for targeting all the fast moving predators. If you're expecting to lose a few lures are a must have for the price and most importantly they catch fish! 

Type: Long Jig

Weight: 120g

Length: 255mm

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Additional Info

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