Northcraft BMC 120F

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The North Craft BMC stands for ‘Ballistic Minnow Continental’ and it truly casts like a ballistic missile due to its magnetic sliding weight system. This surface lure works extremely well with slow, gentle rod tip action with the occasional pause. Best application in fast flowing rivers or areas with currents. Horizontal position makes the BMC appear like a wounded baitfish being washed downstream by the currents. Equally as deadly in saltwater when predators are feeding close to the surface fishing with a traditional long sweep. Casting at schools of Tuna or over the reef flats the BMC stickbaits are incredibly effective. All BMC stickbaits have a through wire system for extra strength and reliability.

Best Hook Upgrade for Tuna/Reef Flats: DECOY Jigging Single 4/0

Type Floating Stickbait
Length (mm) 120mm
Weight (grams) 20g
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