Palms Metal Witch Quest- Slow Jigging

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Blank features NANO ALLOY "R"

Metal Witch, the rod that’s leading the light jigging scene, now has new additions. Metal Witch Quest, A newer range now features Nano Alloy to the blank and gained quality performance which overrides the original Metal Witch. By gaining new Blank, The rod now can perform at it best in Slow Jigging, Tai Rubber, Demersal/Pelagic fishing to mention a few. After years of engineering and modification Metal Witch Quest is now ready to hit the water.

Model Type Pieces Length Weight Jig Weight Line
MTSC-632SF Bait 1 6'3" 126g 100-150g PE# 1-2
MTSC-633SF Bait 1 6'3" 132g 130-180g PE# 1.2-2.5
MTSC-634SF Bait 1 6'3" 136g 150-200g PE# 1.5-3
MTSC-685SF Bait 1 6'8" 149g 180-230g PE# 1.5-3.5
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Additional Info