RedTank Mele 180F Swimming Popper

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Red Tank Mele 180F Swimming Popper

Red Tank lures hail from from the wilds of Western Australia, where the fish are big, aggressive and frequently full of teeth!

Red Tank lures are built both tough and beautiful, to handle big fish.

The Mele 180F is a swimming popper with an angled face to dig in aggressively, creating a wild darting action. The Mele has fairly bulky body, giving the lure good presence in the water. perfect for bringing big fish up to the surface.

The Red Tank Mele is right at home over coral reef drop offs as well as the reef flats. It is a great lure for GTs, Mackerel, Tuna and big reef species.

Type: Floating Swimming Popper

Length (mm): 180

Weight (g): 120

Treble Hook Suggestion: Bkk Raptor Z 5/0, Shout Curve Point 31 5/0, Decoy YS22 5/0


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