RedTank Seig 180 Jarrah

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RedTank Seig 180 Jarrah sinking stickbait

RedTank lures hail from from the wilds of Western Australia, where the fish are big, aggressive and frequently full of teeth!

RedTank lures are built both tough and beautiful, to handle big fish.

The Seig 180 Jarrah stickbait feature stunning native Australian timber matched with foil flash. Each one has a unique grain and pattern. The Seig model has a little more bulk in the back end compared to the Riot stickbait. This gives it an increased tail kick when swept through the water, while maintaining a sweet S shaped swimming action. Just the thing for turning on big predators!

Jarrah is only found in South-West Western Australia and is renown as much for its durability as its good looks. Due to the density of the timber, Jarrah Red Tank lures are only available as sinking models.

Ideal for big aggressive fish, these can be used anywhere in temperate and tropical areas. The Seig 180 Jarrah is perfect for species like GT, kingfish, tuna, and other large reef predators.

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Length (mm): 180

Weight (g): 180

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