ReefsEDGE Atoll DivePOP 150g Diving Popper

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Atoll DivePOP 150g Diving Swimming Popper by ReefsEDGE

The ReefsEDGE Atoll DivePOP series are the perfect lure for the days when GTs and other big predators are difficult to tempt. The action puts it halfway between the noise of a popper and the subtlety of a stickbait. The Atoll DivePOP produces a moderate pop as is dives then tightly wiggles sub surface, pulling a bubble trail all the way.  It operates with minimal effort thanks to the well designed body shape and cup. This an excellent choice for all water conditions but can be extremely effective on calm days when regular poppers are not getting bites. On rougher days these lures swim through the backs of the waves, making it easy prey for big fish that may miss a floating lure. Available in an array of fish catching colours these are sure to feature in most Topwater collections.

Treble Hooks for this lure include the BKK GT-Rex 6/0 or Jignesis X3 in the same size, if you prefer singles BKK Lone Diablo 11/0 or Shout Ringed Kudako in size 8/0 also work well.

Type: Diving Popper

Length: 245mm

Weight: 150g

Treble Hooks: Gamakatsu Treble 24 GT Recorder (Gamakatsu 36544) (#5/0) or Decoy Y-S23 Barbed Treble (Decoy 310014) (Decoy Y-S23 6/0 Barbed)

Single Hooks: BKK Lone Diablo Inline Single Hooks (BKK 090812) (9/0) or Decoy Jigging Single Sergent 'N' JS-1 (Decoy 808252) (#7/0)

Split Rings: CB One Max Power Ring EXH (CB One 806557) (#10) or Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811306) (10)





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