ReefsEdge Atoll Divepop 40g Diving Popper

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Atol Divepop 40g Diving Swimming Popper by ReefsEDGE

The ReefsEDGE Poppers offer superb finish and durability. The Atoll DivePOP features quality stainless steel components, wiring and a 8 layer Hardened Epoxy clear finish making the poppers last fish after fish. The 40g version of the Atoll should be one of your first choice lures when fishing shallow reef flats for coral trout and emperor species. It works great fishing in the open water when big tuna and other pelagics are chasing small bait and even shore casting for kingfish and big tailor the 40g gram Atoll is and excellent option.

The action is very impressive, giving it a decent hit with your rod creates a good bloop into a bubble trail and once swimming it has a very enticing tail kick.

The versatility of this small lure is incredible, it can be fished in all conditions and situations for a large array of species. The 40g Atoll really is a must have in any serious fishermans kit!

Type: Diving Popper

Length: 155mm

Weight: 40g

Treble Hooks: BKK Raptor Z Treble (BKK 094575) (2/0) or Shout Treble Straight Point 33 (Shout 312850) (1/0)

Single Hooks: Decoy Jigging Single Sergent 'N' JS-1 (Decoy 808238) (#5/0) or Shout Ringed Kudako (Shout 077858) (4/0)

Split Rings: Decoy Split Ring (Decoy 811276) (7) orCB One Max Power Ring EXH (CB One 887038) (#6)

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