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Sea Falcon Dead Bait 120

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Sea Falcon Dead Bait 120 sinking stickbait will cast long distances with ease.

Designed with a slightly rear centre of gravity the Falcon 120 Sinking is an excellent casting lure. Its small profile and weight of 60g makes it an ideal lure for punching long casts to feeding schools of fish such as tuna without spooking them. The flat belly and sides create an excellent flutter as it sinks and will often get eaten on the fall.  The long casting ability also makes this lure ideal for punching long casts over reef flats. Deadly on reefies such as trout, red bass, emperors as well as bluefin trevally, small GTs and gold spots.

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Length: 120mm

Weight: 60g


With a thick resin coating that surrounds a lead core, the lures use a hybrid structure that can only come from the extensive know-how of Sea Falcon.

Due to the resin coating, the lure is not easily damaged when tuna or other large fish bite the lure. Therefore, unlike typical lures, the lure does not absorb water and become heavy, which slows the movement of the lure.

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