Sea Falcon

Sea Falcon Deep Neo 320g

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The Deep Neo sinks fast enabling you fish deep water whilst still obtaining good jig action.

The Sea Falcon Z Slow Deep Neo is a slow style jig that has a good Z action. It responds well to short-pitch jerk. As the distance of the stroke increases the jigs action will become wider. This enables you to vary your retrieve easily to entice fish into biting. The Deep Neo is designed to sink fast enabling you to reach the bottom faster making it ideal for use when the current high . The Deep Neo is a great jig for fishing very deep water for Pearl Perch, Bar Cod, Blue Eye Trevella and Bass Grouper. The bigger profile is also effective on big Amberjack and Kingfish.

Type Slow Style Jig
Length (mm) 190mm
Weight (grams) 320g
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