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Sea Falcon Real Saury 240

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Sea Falcon Real Saury 240 is a slim floating stickbait with a lively action.

The new Sea falcon Real Saury is an excellent long baitfish imitation. The slim body creates a longer than average lure with a relatively light weight allowing you to use a bigger profile on lighter tackle.  When pulled through the water the Real Saury produces a lot of bubble with its S swimming motion and the stunning foil/abalone produces flash to call fish in from a distance. The finish on these lures is of a very high quality and are a worthy addition to any keen topwater fishermans kit.

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 240mm

Weight: 100g


With a thick resin coating that surrounds a balsa core, the lures use a hybrid structure that can only come from the extensive know-how of Sea Falcon.

Due to the resin coating, the lure is not easily damaged when tuna or other large fish bite the lure. Therefore, unlike typical lures, the lure does not absorb water and become heavy, which slows the movement of the lure.

In addition, beginning at the design stage, Sea Falcon pursue the perfect balance for the balsa and weight. By adjusting the buoyancy they have achieved extremely accurate lure control.

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