Sea Falcon

Sea Falcon Z Remain 140g

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The Sea Falcon Remain 140g is a versatile technical jig for slow and fast action retrieves

The Sea Falcon Z remain is a semi long jig designed to dart and slowly flutter on the drop. The body of this jig is chrome plated boasting the finest shine and strength and has a combined action that varies from still to fast moving. When falling, the jig can remain horizontal for a long period so that you can intentionally create a chance for a bite. This an exceptionally good Dogtooth Tuna jig!!!! Kingfish, Amberjack, Samsonfish and reef fish such as Coral Trout, Red Bass and Emperors are also a great target species with the Falcon Z Remain.

Type: Semi Long Darting Jig

Length: 140mm

Weight: 140g


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