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Shell Shaping Reef 230

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Reef 230 by Shell Shaping

The Reef 230 is an extremely versatile stickbait due to the different actions you can get out of it, enticing a multitude of species in many different conditions and areas. Long slow sweeps the reef will have a lazy roll then a kick off to the side, a longer more aggressive sweep will get a tighter roll and kick and a short sharp consistent flick will make the lure dance in a walk to the dog action just under the surface. The Reef 230 is at home in deeper water with it's flat wide sides and excellent foil job; the flash will attract GT, Spanish mackerel and large tuna. Over the shallow reef, the biggest of reef dwellers like coral trout and Wrasse (where permitted) find the action hard to resist.

Lure Type: Floating stickbait

Length (mm): 230

Weight (g): 125

Suggested Treble Hooks: 6/0 Gamakatsu GT Recorders, 6/0 BKK GT Rex or 7/0 Decoy Y-S 23

Suggested Single Hooks: 11/0-13/0 BKK lone diablo or 8/0 shout single kudaku 

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