Tackle House Feed Popper 100mm Floating Popper

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Feed Popper 100mm Floating Blooping Popper by Tackle house

The Tackle House Feed Popper 100 is heavy duty light tackle popper designed target big fish feeding on small bait. Its through wired construction means it can be fished on heavy tackle and withstand the abuse a large fish can put out. The deep cup makes a loud consistent pop making it ideal for calling in fish to attack. The long slim shape casts very well and internal bearings add additional noise as the lure is worked.

The Feed Popper 100 is great for targeting a huge range of species such as barra, murray cod, black and spot tail bass and peacock bass in the freshwater and kingfish, tuna, trevally and omani bream in the salt. 

This lure comes pre rigged with Owner ST56 #2

Type: Floating Popper

Length: 100mm

Weight: 22g


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Additional Info

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