Tiemco Salty Red Pepper Magnum- Kruise Custom

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The Salty Red Pepper Magnum- Kruise Custom is the samller brother to the MAX. These little stickbaits feature a thick laser cut stainless steel through wire so you can target larger predators feeding on smaller profile baits. The Salty Red Pepper Magnum is easy to work with a walk the dog action or a long sweep of the rod tip will drag the lure under the surface in a S motion to entice any nearby predators to eat. The Kruise Custom model comes pre-rigged with #1/0 ST66 trebles. This lure is ideal for targeting a huge range of species such as GTs, Tuna, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Red Bass, Coral Trout and many more.

Type Floating Stickbait
Length (mm) 140mm
Weight (g) 39g (with hooks)
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