Varivas Avani Jigging Superconductor LS4 300m

$60.86 (Ex. GST)
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Experience the benefits of low stretch!

VARIVAS's unique "Tight Tension 4 Ply Braid Method" creates a incredibly sensitive low stretch braid. The decreased stretch of the Superconductor LS4 gives greater feel to the angler in comparison to conventional braids . As a result, anglers can feel more contact from a fish when fishing in deeper water and have greater control over of jigs and soft plastics.
The next generation jigging line "Superconductor PE LS 4" will greatly expand the jigging world!

Thickness Strength Length Strands
PE 1 18 lb 300m 4
PE 1.2 20 lb 300m 4
PE 1.5 24 lb 300m 4
PE 2 30 lb 300m 4
PE 2.5 37 lb 300m 4


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Additional Info

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