Varivas Ocean Record Leader

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Varivas Ocean Record Shock Leader

Ocean Record is the latest nylon shock leader from Varivas and is great for all kinds of casting and jigging. It features improved breaking strain for diameter compared to previous Varivas leaders - adding extra strength without sacrificing lure action or casting ability. This means you can either run similar diameter to you previous leader with improved strength, or drop down a leader size for a more stealthy presentation without losing as much of the breaking strain.

The pale purple colour is ideal for bluewater predators and each spool is wrapped by a colour coded elastic strap, making it easy to manage at home or on the ocean.

Line Number Breaking Strain (lb) DIA. (mm)
14 60 0.620
20 80 0.740
24 100 0.810
30 120 0.910
35 140 0.985
50 180 1.170
60 220 1.280
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Additional Info

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