ASWB Indian Pacific GTT10 GT Tamer All-rounder GT Rod

$726.36 (Ex. GST)

GTT10 GT Tamer All-rounder GT Stickbait and Popping Rod by ASWB Indian Pacific

The GT Tamer series are built using the finest blanks and Fuji Componentry. These rods have been designed to suit the beginner, intermediate or expert angler.

The IP GTT10 is the heavier of the two models available. It features a moderate taper with a sturdy mid section ideal for working poppers in the 100-160g class. It will also handle larger stickbaits from 130-170g. Down low the IP GTT10 is a powerhouse but maintains a great curve to take a bit of pressure off the angler and really put some hurt on the fish. The shorter length of 7'10" and it light weight makes this rod a pleasure to use for a full day on the water. 

These rods have performed extremely well during testing and are highly recommended.

Length: 7'10" (238cm)

Weight: 425g

Line: PE# 8-10

Lure Weight: Max 170g

Drag: Max 14kg

Sections: Butt Join

Packed Length: 170cm

Butt Length: 82cm


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Additional Info

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