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Jumprize Lalapen 125F

$31.77 (Ex. GST)
Jumprize Lalapen 125F This game-changing pencil lure designed for light-tackle bluewater fishing. It glides gently on the water's surface, attracting fish differently than traditional saltwater diving pencils. Effective for targeting tuna,...

Jumprize Lalapen 200F

$59.09 (Ex. GST)
Lalapen 200F by Lalapen This lure offers a highly appealing and robust action; the sharp edges and flat flanks allow for wide sliding and sharp turns in the water. The strong action is ideal when anglers are pursuing active predators chasing very mobile...

Jumprize Popopen 95F

$26.32 (Ex. GST)
POPOPEN 95F by JUMPRIZE Perfect for dog walking action! Crafted with a durable ABS body and strong through-wire harness, this lure is built to handle fierce predators with absolute assurance. Its smooth, noiseless swimming motion is guaranteed to...