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Varivas Shock Leader

$22.68 - $34.50 (Ex. GST)
Varivas Nylon Shock Leader for popping and jigging Varivas Nylon Shock Leader is one of the most popular leaders available for heavy tackle popping and jigging. The shock leader has a good amount of stretch to absorb the shock from violent attacks from...

TASLINE Elite White 300m Braided Fishing Line

$81.77 (Ex. GST)
Elite White 8 Strand 300m Spool Braided Fishing Line by TASLINE Tasline Elite White is a pure 8 strand braid, with no coatings or additives, leaving it silky smooth and supple for improved casting distance and extreme fishing like popping and jigging...

Varivas Avani Casting PE 300m

$80.91 - $105.45 (Ex. GST)
Avani Casting PE by Varivas Avani series PE braided lines have been praised high among big fish anglers for GT and TUNA. This new Casting PE Max Power X8 line covers a larger spectrum of fishing applications and has both upgraded tensile strength and...

Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader

$21.77 - $86.32 (Ex. GST)
Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader is one of the toughest leader materials available for casting, jigging and is ideal when high abrasion resistance is needed. The Fluorocarbon Shock Leader has a small amount of stretch...
Fishing Fighters

Fishing Fighters Devil Line

$29.95 - $39.05 (Ex. GST)
Fishing Fighters Devil Line The Devil is hidden in this line. The new Devil Line by Fishing Fighters is made for ultimate durability against fish with sharp teeth. The new style of assist cord consists of an Air Braid core with a outer made of...