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Shout Flash 150g Metal Jig

Shout Flash 150g Metal Jig

$22.68 (Ex. GST)
Flash 150g High or Slow Pitch Centre Balanced Metal Jig by Shout The Shout Flash is a centre balanced jig with a great profile and versatile action. The Flash can be worked fast darting from side to side and will fall slowly with a shining and flashing...

Shout Entice Pop 190 Floating Popper

$54.50 (Ex. GST)
Entice Pop 190 Rigged Slender Floating Popper by Shout The Entice Pop 190 is a long slender popper with a small cup designed to attract the fussiest of kingfish. With a long steady sweep it pulls a nice bubble trail just under the surface, but still...