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Palms GIG Level Fall 100LF

$26.32 (Ex. GST)
GIG Level Fall 100LF by Palms Introducing a minnow-style jig renowned for its elegant design and exceptional performance. It has garnered support from anglers, both on the shore and offshore, thanks to its outstanding versatility. The GIG100S boasts an...

Palms Break Head 200

$47.27 (Ex. GST)
Break Head 200 by Palms Despite its slender body, the cup features an expansive upper design that produces a robust popping action with minimal effort from the angler. The slender body and design helps it produce a natural action of wobbling while...

Palms GIG Level Fall 120LF

$29.95 (Ex. GST)
GIG Level Fall 120LF by Palms Introducing a specialized lure designed for the Gig Gigant hook, perfect for nabla shooting. This lure offers a horizontal posture during descent, a slow fall speed, and an enticing swaying motion to attract bites. It also...

Palms Split Ring Pliers

$47.73 - $63.55 (Ex. GST)
Split Ring Pliers by Palms These fishing pliers offer both high precision and robust construction in a convenient size. They have become an essential tool for lure fishing. The pliers feature a split ring opener at the tip, making hook...