Palms GIG Level Fall 120LF

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GIG Level Fall 120LF by Palms

Introducing a specialized lure designed for the Gig Gigant hook, perfect for nabla shooting. This lure offers a horizontal posture during descent, a slow fall speed, and an enticing swaying motion to attract bites. It also excels in swimming action, making it effective for slow retrieval. The hook system prevents snags, and it's ideal for targeting large fish.

Our GIG-level fall flounder custom is a master of swim and fall actions, delivering a natural slalom during retrieval. It's perfect for surf fishing, with a focus on flatfish, featuring a ring size #3 and hook size #5 at 29g. Reduced accessory weight enhances its lifelike action. Carefully selected colors mimic proven choices for flounder and flatfish. This Gigant-inspired lure is now available as a flounder custom, promising an exciting fishing experience.

Type Weight Length
Sinking 47g 120mm





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