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Varivas SS Assist

$19.95 - $55.41 (Ex. GST)
Varivas SS Assist Cord Varivas SS Assist cord is used to make assist rigs for jigging and popping. High strength and high abrasion resistance means this is the perfect material to use to attach hooks to jigs and poppers. Kevlar fibres are used for...

Shout Blue Assist PE

$8.14 (Ex. GST)
Shout Blue Assist PE The 50, 80 and 100lb Shout Blue Assist PE line is thin in diameter to fit through the eye of small hooks making it excellent for making light assists. The 200 and 300lb are perfect for heavy class assists for Kingfish and Amberjack...
Fishing Fighters

Fishing Fighters Devil Line

$29.95 - $39.05 (Ex. GST)
Fishing Fighters Devil Line The Devil is hidden in this line. The new Devil Line by Fishing Fighters is made for ultimate durability against fish with sharp teeth. The new style of assist cord consists of an Air Braid core with a outer made of...
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Zenaq Cyber Hook String

Zenaq Cyber Hook String

$10.86 (Ex. GST)
Zenaq Cyber Hook String (Assist Cord) Zenaq Cyber Hook string is amazingly strong and abrasion resistant assist cord. Great for tieing up assist rigs for jigging and popping. This cord has an inner core and an outer layer. This means by removing the...