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Shout Press Ring Solid Ring

$7.23 (Ex. GST)
Press Ring Solid Ring by Shout Shout Press Rings are an extremely strong solid ring ideal for jigging and popping applications. #4: 53lb, 10 pcs #5: 155lb, 9 pcs #6: 320lb, 9pcs #7: 440lb, 8 pcs #8: 770lb, 8 pcs    

Decoy GP Ring

$7.23 (Ex. GST)
Decoy GP ring Decoy GP rings are incredibly strong for their size! This is largely due to their unique shape. Very good for light tackle, through to heavy jigging and popping. Also great for the end of single strand wire leaders!   Sizes: #3...

Shout Combi Ring

$6.32 (Ex. GST)
Shout Combi Ring for rigging jigs and assists The Shout Combi Rings consist of an SUS 304 Stainless Steel Shout Press Ring/Shout Split Ring coupled together ready for quick and easy rigging of jigs and assists. Sizes #4 Strength: 29lb Quantity: 8 #5...