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Huerco XT505-5C

$435.45 (Ex. GST)
Huerco XT505-5C Travel Baitcaster Rod The Huerco XT505-5C is the ideal rod to take anywhere in your backpack to cast some lures while away on holidays or out for a days hike. Target species for this model would be all trout species, bream, bass, jungle...

Huerco XT510-4C Plus

$435.45 (Ex. GST)
Huerco XT510-4C Plus Travel Baitcaster Rod The light and tough short bait XT510-4C has been further powered up to handle heavier fishing situations wherever you find yourself around the world. By increasing the power of the entire rod while maintaining...

Huerco XT605R-4C

$471.82 (Ex. GST)
Huerco XT605R-4C Travel Baitcaster Rod The heavy bait model XT605-4C, which has the power and operability to easily handle big baits and big plugs, has been made even stronger with the renewal of the XT series. In addition to the hardness of the...

Huerco XT610-4C Plus

$450.00 (Ex. GST)
Huerco XT610-4C Plus Travel Baitcaster Rod The heavy versatile model XT610-4C is now available as a power plus model that is even tougher. By increasing the blank power of the normal XT610-4C, you can now easily cast heavy lures. This is a strong rod...