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Decoy Grand Pike Rigged Assist Hook DJ-100

$6.32 - $11.77 (Ex. GST)
Grand Pike Rigged Assist Jigging Hook by Decoy The Decoy DJ-100 Grand Pike Assist hooks are ideal for medium to heavy jigging applications. The wide gape and long point gives the hook excellent penetration. It is made wiith relatively thin...

Decoy Y-W77 Extra Wide Gap Treble

$9.05 - $16.32 (Ex. GST)
The Decoy Y-W77 Extra Wide Gap treble is at the vanguard of Decoys next generation of treble hooks, with increased hooking and holding power and enormously impressive strength. This 6-extra strong hook has a powerful, strong shank with an extra wide gap...

BKK Viper 41 Treble Hook

$13.63 - $18.17 (Ex. GST)
Viper 41 Straight Point Treble Hook by BKK The Viper 41 Treble has been tested on some of the most aggressive and damaging fish around the world and has passed with flying colours. The straight point of the hook makes them extremely sticky when...

Melon Ya Short Plug Assist

$10.86 - $17.23 (Ex. GST)
Short Plug Assist by Melon Ya The short assist is specifically designed to fix the issue of hook up rates when using singles on stickbaits. It allows the fish to have more freedom and stop them from using the lure as leverage to dehook themselves. ...