BKK Heavy Duty Double Plugging Assist Hook

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Heavy Duty Double Plugging Assist Hook by BKK

Introducing the BKK Plugging Double HD Hooks, the ultimate solution for anglers targeting the thrills of saltwater lure fishing with a need for heavy-duty performance. These 6X double assist hooks are engineered to enhance your fishing experience by offering a robust alternative to traditional treble hooks, especially in scenarios where minimizing torsional forces is crucial. Crafted with a hollow-core assist cord, these hooks guarantee exceptional freedom of movement, significantly increasing your hook-up ratio while reducing the likelihood of disengagement.

Perfect for outfitting stick baits and poppers, the BKK Plugging Double HD Hooks excel in heavy jigging scenarios as well. Each hook is meticulously tied to the ring, providing two distinct presentations: with hook points outward for an enhanced hook-up rate or inward to effortlessly minimize snags. Embrace the hand-ground hook points designed for unmatched penetration, making the BKK Plugging Double HD Hooks your go-to choice for serious saltwater lure fishing.

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